Telecommunication and communication system


The necessity of fiber optic networks in today's high-speed, high-capacity telecommunication services is unquestionable. Assisted by experienced professionals in the field of telecommunication networks, PEIMANN KHTOTOOT GOSTAR has successfully completed numerous projects. These telecommunication networks are aimed at providing access in areas such as data, speech and voice , pictures as well as remote protection of control and dispatching of water, electric power, oil, gas and railroad networks.

Activities of PKG in telecommunication networks have not been confined to providing equipments and implementing projects. It has rendered services in telecommunication and communication networks, finding suitable solutions and identifying needs and limitations, selecting the best available technology, and finally fulfilling needs by procuring premium products from established providers. PKG takes pride in being one of the pioneers of design, implementation of above technologies in the following fields:

  • Implementation of different kinds of fiber optic cables, including OPGW, ADLash, self-support, buried and duct cables;

  • Implementation of different kinds of fiber optic terminals, including SDH, PDH and various Multiplex systems;

  • Implementation of different types of PLC systems and production of sub-racks and necessary cabinets;

  • Implementation of different teleprotection systems for lines and equipments of power transmission sub-stations;

  • Implementation of radio transmission systems, including UHF, VHF microwave as well as various digital telephone centers.

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