The growing consumption of household and industrial electric power, on the one hand, and the development of power plants and power transmission lines, on the other, has made energy management an indispensable part of the exchange and financial operation of power stations, transmission networks, and distribution networks. Also with transmission lines and distribution of electric power becoming more and more complex, it is necessary to maintain up-to-date databases for the instantaneous analysis of network operations, troubleshooting and diagnosis, identification of future power sub-stations, transmission line and power plant locations. They can also help in predicting the load and performing network calculations, including analysis of various connections and distribution calculations. These services are accessible through dispatching and SCADA systems. Supported by our skilled engineering team, the use of the latest technologies, and elaborate laboratory simulations, PEIMANN KHOTOOT GOSTAR is well-equipped to establish interface systems, collect analog, status, and command signals, transmission of data through wire, common protocols using numeric control system and dispatch through telecommunication systems and reception of data at control centers. Because of the variety and nature of data exchange in these systems and the occasional sub-standard protocols have forced PKG to develop protocol reading systems facilitating working with these old and prevalent systems. the wide array of activities undertaken by PKG, such as interface system and numeric control system of postal service and telecommunication, have made it possible for the company to equip any given site and conduct preliminary tests at a short time by simulation of situations and quantities, using numeric control system and protection relays and measuring devices as well as their connection to each other and ultimately to the terminal.