Design, Manufacture, and Implementation of High Voltage Sub-Station


With an increasing number of factories and industries as well as the growing demand for electric energy, reliable and uninterrupted production and distribution of this blood life of all industries has become one of the most significant goals of every country across the globe.

Following years of unrelenting effort in the field of electric power and employing dedicated Iranian professionals, PEIMANN KHOTOOT GOSTAR has been able to obtain the Management and Planning Organization's EPC certificate for constructing power transmission lines and installing high-voltage power sub-stations and dispatching facilities as well as authorization from Tavanir Company ( Iran's Ministry of Energy) to construct high-voltage sub-stations.

Backed by expertise, PKG has established itself as a leading player in planning provision,installation, supervision and commissioning of high-voltage sub-stations, offering a comprehensive technical and financial package to its customers.

Power Transmission & Distribution

Installation and construction of power transmission lines is of special significance because of the growing demand for energy and an increase in the number of power plants. It assumes even greater significance when these plants are to be connected to the network, and the transmission and distribution network is to be maintained. Given the important role engineering and design play in implementation of such projects, PKG has employed experienced professionals to manage the power transmission lines on EPC basis.

Activities of this section are outlined as follows:

  • Site survey, preliminary planning, and drafting proposals for the optimization of the transmission route;

  • Design and preparing final specification of towers according to the basic needs of clients and the requirements of the projects;

  • Identification and selection of the of the best manufacturers of power transmission equipments, including line conductors, transmission towers, OPGW fiber optic cables; insulators, and line accessories;

  • Supervision of road construction operations, foundation, installation of stubs and preparing foundation for installation of tower;

  • Supervision of tower members manufacturing line as well as carrying out necessary tests in Iran or abroad;

  • Supervision of installation and implementation of transmission lines.

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