Automation and Protection of High Voltage Sub-Station


Intelligent and regular supervision of high voltage sub-station ensures the integrity of electric power networks and prevents power cut-off; at the same time that it reduces distribution costs. Selecting and implementing the best solutions in automation as well as rendering high quality services have been trademarks of PKG operations, which, as Iranian company, the company has upheld from its inception

By adopting a uniform and consistent plan of action, PKG significantly reduces automation costs and, while meeting the requirements of the plan, guarantees the maintenance and support of projects. PKG has been commissioned to carry out more than a hundred projects in Iran and abroad making use of diverse approaches and systems. Here are some of the company's services in automation.


Creating the capacity to adopt various solutions for sub-station automation, using the technical known - how and technology of giant manufactures such as ABB, SIEMENS, GENERAL ELECTRIC and AREVA, adapting them to the requirements of the plan and budgetary limitations are part of PKG's capabilities. The following parameters play crucial role in the choice of the optimum solution:

  • Efficiency and reliability

  • Ease of operation in adjusting system parameters

  • Access to various features of the system

  • Data Access and security

  • Different methods for data provision and transmission

  • Automation on two levels (Bay and Center)

  • Capability of full automation and monitoring

  • Centralized or distributed automation

  • Reduction in installation and implementation costs

  • Reduction in operation and maintenance costs

  • Swift tracking of potential flaws and in laboratory troubleshooting


Engineers and experts at PKG draw careful designs and select the optimum automation systems taking into account above-mentioned parameters alongside specific customers's requirements. To ensure compatibility, and having obtained necessary equipment from various manufactures, PKG experts will simulate the total system in the company's fully- equipped laboratory.

Some of the major activities conducted in the laboratory of the company are as follows:

  • Configuration and adjustment of control equipment, simulation of power sub-stations, and testing the functions;

  • Configuration, setting and testing of switches, fiber optic converters and other converters;

  • Configuration of protection relays proportionate to the layout of sub-stations and adjustment of quantities for accurate function as well as conducting tests with the latest simulators;

  • Configuration of servers for special uses, including using two monitors for one server and simultaneous viewing of two separate sections, and other requests by the client;

  • Establishment of data banks as well as programming and design of pictures, alarms tables, event tables, and related reports;

  • Simulation of SCADA systems with various communication protocols and communication tests with numeric control system.

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